DIY Succulent Potting Bar

Take a piece of the garden home at the Succulent Potting Bar! Learn to make a simple succulent arrangement with ‘spillers’, ‘thrillers’, & ‘fillers’, the three components needed in a perfect arrangement. Make your own 6-inch terracotta pot filled with a variety of vibrant native succulents, topped off with pumice (natural volcanic crumbles), complete with natural accessories like stones, shells, & more! All show visitors are encouraged to participate in the DIY for a small fee of $10 per pot (all supplies included!)

In Succulent Love will be hosting the DIY Succulent Potting Bar, at the Fall Home/Garden Shows. The DIY Succulent Potting Bar will be available during the whole show, with open crafting! (Stop by any time!) In Succulent Love is a local botanical design business owned by Jessica Cain, author of Stylish Succulent Designs & Other Botanical Crafts. Jessica will be at the show the entire weekend offering both a daily Free seminar with pre-sale copies of her new botanical design book, and will be showcasing Fall arrangements available for purchase!

In Succulent Love
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