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The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD)


Need Help With Your Yard?

Fall Home/Garden Show Special Opportunity

30 Minutes for 30 Dollars

The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) is offering 30 Minute Personalized Design Consultations with San Diego’s Top Residential Landscape Designers for a special show price of $30 per consultation.

Don’t know what to do with your dead or dying lawn? Need help with how to lay out your garden space? Need suggestions for beautiful eco-friendly and climate appropriate plants? Designers at APLD are here to help.

Design consultations are available in the Designers’ Lounge located on Designer Lane, just inside the show’s main entrance.

Consultations are available all day Friday through Sunday. Ticket pre-sales are available via Brown Paper Tickets link  Design reservations sell out quickly so sign up early!  Slots not filled online will be available on a first come, first served basis at the show entrance, so sign up as soon as you arrive at the show. To make the best use of your time, please bring photos of your garden, drawings you might have, pictures of gardens and plants you like, and/or your ideas and questions to the conversation.

Have questions but not ready for a consultation? Stop by APLD’s Designers’ Lounge to:

  • Chat with experts about gardens, plants, hardscape, and design.
  • Be inspired by the garden vignettes created by APLD designers.
  • Stroll through the garden path and enjoy photos of landscapes and design plans from APLD designers

Meet The Experts

Whatever your next house or garden project…
you’ll find the experts at the San Diego Fall Home/Garden Show.

Do your research as you get new ideas and inspiration from the experts who have created vignettes and display gardens just for the show. Most of them will be available to answer your questions.

Bring your garden pest and disease problems to the Master Gardeners.

Browse the vendor displays for the latest home products. These folks come with a lot of knowledge. From structure to systems to furnishings and artwork, it’s all at the show.

Talk about building codes, restrictions, inspections and processes with representatives of the City of San Diego Building Department. They have lots of information and want to keep you from making costly mistakes.

Check out the Garden Market Place at the show. The plants are all grown for local San Diego conditions and these experts will tell you how to make them thrive in your garden.

Bring your questions, you’re sure to find answers at the Fall Home/Garden Show!

University of California Cooperative Extension

Master Gardeners of San Diego

The University of California Cooperative Extension office is a strange and wonderful hybrid of cooperating government agencies. These include Federal, State and County Departments of Agriculture and the University of California agricultural programs.

Under this umbrella, the Master Gardeners of San Diego are a trained group of volunteers who help extend the reach of these services to home gardeners. This group of dedicated people are not paid but are compensated by the gratitude of solving problems for individuals in their community.

Many of the Master Gardeners agree that the training to become one just opens the door to so many different aspects of horticulture that they spend the rest of their lives learning. With the latest research information from the University of California, they stay up to date on the pests and diseases affecting local plant material and means to control them.

They may not have the answer to your problem at their fingertips, but they have the resources to research it and get back to you. We are lucky to have such a devoted organization in our community.

Garden Marketplace

San Diego County has some of the richest resources for gardeners in the country. Much of its agricultural activity is devoted to specialty horticulture: very special garden plants grown by small and large local nurseries. Many of these botanical treasure houses are seldom open to the public. Additionally, there are scores of garden clubs and specialized plant societies with extremely knowledgeable members who can answer all kinds of home-gardeners’ questions. These are the people in our county with their hands literally in the soil, and they welcome chatting with you and love to share tips. A browse through the marketplace is like driving all over the county to find the very best plants.

Homeowners New Project Checklist

Thinking about building a custom home or upgrading your current home?

Here are a few things to think about before you get started:

Location: different governments and regulations govern the building codes in different areas, see which ones apply to you.
What is the zoning where you want to do the work?
Will the project require a permit? (Almost everything does!)
Will you need a drawing? Who will do it, an architect or contractor? The more complex the project and detailed the drawing, the more it will cost but the more accurate and complete the bids will be.
Who will do the work? You really will want a licensed contractor. Two excellent websites are those of the City of San Diego ( and the State of California Contractors License Bureau ( The information on these two sites is exceptional. You can even look up the specific contractor to make certain he or she is licensed for the type of project you need.
You really want three bids. IF your drawings are complete, and IF you make NO changes, there will be NO surprises. The project should come in on budget.
Do not pay the full project in advance! State law provides for a maximum of a 10% deposit, if required, in advance. And, always hold back approximately 10% until after the inspector (city or county) signs off the project. Once the project is signed off, pay the final balance.
Whether you live in the City of San Diego or not, use their website as a guide for your building and remodeling project. It is thorough, it is good, and it is free. The State of California site demonstrates and explains the necessary written agreements which you must have, and allows you to look up the individual contractors by name or license. Make certain they are qualified for the type of project you need.