University of California Cooperative Extension

Master Gardeners of San Diego

The University of California Cooperative Extension office is a strange and wonderful hybrid of cooperating government agencies. These include Federal, State and County Departments of Agriculture and the University of California agricultural programs.

Under this umbrella, the Master Gardeners of San Diego are a trained group of volunteers who help extend the reach of these services to home gardeners. This group of dedicated people are not paid but are compensated by the gratitude of solving problems for individuals in their community.

Many of the Master Gardeners agree that the training to become one just opens the door to so many different aspects of horticulture that they spend the rest of their lives learning. With the latest research information from the University of California, they stay up to date on the pests and diseases affecting local plant material and means to control them.

They may not have the answer to your problem at their fingertips, but they have the resources to research it and get back to you. We are lucky to have such a devoted organization in our community.