Stars of San Diego 2017

James Stone

James Stone creates sea creatures and marine-themed sculptures in glass and forged aluminum to promote eco-awareness about waning sea life populations.

Dawn Salzmann

Dawn Salzmann is a high-end decorative artist, Francophile, proprietor of C’est si Bon showroom in Cardiff and an inspired artist in every way.

Vic Lee

Vic Lee, painting under the name Lynden St. Victor, is a self-taught artist whose ”pop surrealism” works reflect his journey, mostly of trial and error.

Ashley Kim

Ashley Kim believes that functional pottery has the potential to enrich and elevate our daily domestic experience and wants her work to play that role.

Ken Goldman

Ken Goldman is an internationally known artist in multiple mediums whose work is included in the San Diego Museum of Art.

Valerie Hebert

Valerie Hebert is a painter, fiber and needle-felting artist who finds the joy in needle felting whimsical art onto natural, repurposed fabrics.

Del Cover

Del Cover is a custom furniture shop specializing in chairs, tables, interior cabinetry and artwork.

Aaron Cathcart

Aaron Cathcart is a sculptor specializing in classic wood carving and sculpture. The San Diego native enjoys wandering San Diego’s backcountry.

Linda Anderson

Linda Anderson is a multi-awarding artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally. She has been published in magazines and books and has artwork in private collections.