Instagram-Worthy Container Gardens

Date:  Saturday, October 23
Time:  3:00pm

Social media platforms know precisely how to make us drool over container garden designs, but does it ever make you say, “How come MY containers never quite look like the ones I see online?” You’re not alone! In this entertaining, color and inspiration packed talk we will talk about design tips, tricks and ideas from an expert container designer to design YOUR dream container gardens that WILL make your followers green with envy.

Location: All Seminars are FREE with your admission and will be held in the Pat O’Brian Hall

Christina Salwitz

Horticultural Guidance Counselor & award-winning co-author, Fine Foliage and Gardening with Foliage First

Christina Salwitz is the founder and owner of the The Personal Garden Coach, where she shares her passion for helping gardeners save labor, time and money while preserving garden design excellence. She is also a photographer, and popular speaker all over North America on numerous garden design topics and sells her horticultural photography to garden centers, blogs, magazines, and garden authors. Christina’s garden design work and container gardens have been featured in numerous magazines and books internationally. Christina’s award-winning books Fine Foliage and the top-selling Gardening with Foliage First are co-authored with Karen Chapman.

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